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Since the age of 12 years of age, I have been reading, and studying all topics related to Aura’s, Chakra’s, and cosmic energy fields. This lifetime of study was followed by numerous, vivid dreams of experiencing powerful, energizing forces, such as being struck by intense fields of lightning.. As a child truck driving with my father across the prairies, I would wonder at the bright aura’s of energy, pulsating on the horizon. I watched in awe as pulsating rhythms of light bounced up and down.

Many years later, in the mid 1990’s me, and a good friend Carol Jewel [Whitley] were heavily scanned by a passing UFO on a quiet road outside of Saskatoon. This event intensified my life time devotion to Trance Channeling. In the mid 2000’s I received my Reiki, and Reiki 2 attunements through the Delong Ancient Mystery School. My studies and Channeling continued. I purchased the Reiki home study courses of Mr. David Nelson of the intensive ReikiInfiniteHealer online program. In 2016, and 2017 I began Channeling Dr. Mikao Usui. The result was an array of new Healing systems. For years now I have also been receiving Channeled visions of new Healing techniques from the Egyptian Goddess of Healing, SEKHMET, and many other Deities of healing. I now have my own healing modules. As of today I have Channeled thousands of pages, created an E-Library of online books, made hundreds of successful premonitions concerning world events, and made hundreds of dream journals. I have been studying and practicing the Energy Arts for over 35 years now.

In this extensive program you will learn the following. The following techniques, and guided attunement / initiation visualizations can not be found online, in any library, or bookstore.


This School of Healing includes universal themes of the I Ching Book of Changes, Rider Tarot, Cabalah, Astrology, Runes, and the Mystery Traditions of Numerology.

This School is about OCCULT INITIATION.

TUITION....... $ 700.00

INTRODUCTION TO VESTA HEALING: Healing Flames: Knowledge of the Gods......

Over TWO years ago, while in a Channeling session, I was approached by the Roman Goddess of Healing, Vesta. We soon began a long, and lengthy program, a series of guided visualizations that allowed for anyone to receive the Divine, ancient Flame of Healing, and psychic wisdom / psychic knowledge. This powerful Flame, who’s original origin is unknown, was the source of very powerful psychic abilities. The “Ever-Lasting” Flame existed in many sacred temples throughout ancient Europe. The Flame was said to never go out, and was known to have burned for centuries at a time.

In Ancient times, in Rome, Italy, it was the job, and the title of the Vestal Virgins to protect and guard the Ever-Burning Flame. The term, Vestal comes from the Goddess of this Flame, Vesta. Now you you can learn to tap into these, thousands of years old sources of psychic knowledge / psychic wisdom to empower your Healing, and psychic abilities. The Guided Visualizations are listed below.

The following Guided Visualization / Attunement--Initiation Workshops include.........


* Extensive study of Quantum, Planetary, and Cosmic Energy Fields; And how to Connect with Them.

* Extensive Chakra / Aura Psychic Activation and Energizing; Healing Yourself and the Planet.



* Quantum and Cosmic Affinity: Attunement, and Initiation Guided Visualization. This will attune you to the Loving, and Healing powers of the Intelligent Universe.

* Initiation, and Attunement to the Universal Occult system 0 to 33.This includes the 22 characters of the Runes, and the Major Arcana of the Rider Tarot Deck..[ Devil, Hanged Man, and Tower cards have been

replaced. ]. You will be shown how to merge the 33 Paths of the Qabalah with Reiki Healing hand positions. This will bring you into psychic oneness with many of the world’s Esoteric Philosophies, and energy grid works that cover the earth, and extend the cosmos.

* Using healing techniques to create healing networks into your past, present, and help positively program your future.

* CRYSTAL VESTA FLAME HEALING....... increasing your Telepathic, Empathic, and Clairvoyant abilities.

How to Build and maintain Extensive Long Distance / Absent Healing Networks. Learn to heal your home, your neighborhood, town, or city with continuous flows of Reiki Energy.

* VESTA FLAME WICCA...... Learn to attune, and build a Reiki Altar, Cast a Reiki Circle, and attune to the eight trans-formative seasons of the Wiccan Calendar. Wiccan-Reiki based spells, and invocations included.

* VESTA FLAME and CABALAH Initiations and ATTUNEMENTS...... This includes guided visualizations to energize you and attune you to the psychic forces of the Cabalah, Qabbala, and the Sefiroth Tree of Life.

Retrieve the Ever-Burning, Perpetual Healing Flames of......

(( All guided visualizations contain Anti-Aging techniques ))

A Guided Visualization to the Oracles of Delphi.

A Guided Visualization into the Temples of..... Vesta....

Guided Visualization to Persephone, and Demeter.

A Guided Visualization To Apollo......

A Gudied Mediation to Sekmet.

A Guided Visualization to St. Germain.

A Guided Visualization To Bridget.

A Guided Visualizations to......Qwan Yin....

Guided Visualization to......Paracelsus.

Guided Visualization to Hermes.

Guided Visualizations to......Asclepius: and the Caduceus.

Guided Visualization to the Hindu God Agri.......

Guided Visualization to the Goddess Panacea.

Guided Visualizations to......The Emerald Tablet - Source of the Laws of Attraction.

* BONUS.....How to ATTUNEMENT, and INITIATION into the 64 HEXAGRAMS of the I CHING.

This workshop involves tow people for best affects. This process will help move your body, Mind, and Soul into the Chi body, Mind and Soul, to help create for you a healthy lifestyle. It will also help with mental clairvoyance. The processes will bring you into constant subconscious connection with Feng Shui, Taoism, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and all forms of Far Eastern Philosophy. This works because the universal life energy forces of Chi, are the exact same form of universal life force energy as REIKI. The 64 Hexagrams is a three thousand year old system of mastering the time and space.




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