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Astral Labs


*** The images below are called ASTRAL LABS. They are called labs because you can use the devices to make numerous Psychic Readings using the various items the wheel systems hold. The Astral Labs are multi-Divination Oracle, wheel systems. The wheels have various forms of divination systems.
I will soon be making hats, shirts, large wall deco’s, calendars, card decks, and banners with the images of the Astral Labs. They will be displayed at a later date.
***The Astral Labs can be printed on hard board and made to be a foot and a half wide. his allows you to us the wheels systems as portable, or stationary Altars, Spirit Boards, Crystal Grid boards.
*** You may, upon purchasing the wheels ask any questions concerning the future, past or present. You can do this with a pendulum, or toss dice, stones, or even a Ouija Board planchette to divulge your reading. Where the pendulum, planchette, dice, or stones land is what you read as the Reading.stones. Each Astral Lab comes with a book of coherent correspondences, definitions and interpretations. Like many other Fraternities like the Golden Dawn, and Thelema, I have made my own multi-Oracle Divination systems. They belong to the Lucier Ancient Mystery School, and are under copyright or Intellectual Property of “The Psi-Pantheon Arcana.’
*** The Astral Labs merge and assimilate up to 12 different systems of Divination from around the world. [ Some wheels will have less numbers of divination systems.]. The wheel systems combine the following Divination systems. The 72 Angelic Names of God, The Degrees f the Archons [Angelic Orders], Rider Waite Tarot, Rider Waite Major Arcana, 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching, Runes, 22 Paleo-Hebrew symbols matched with various other divination systems.,Greek, Indigenous, and Chinese Astrology, all coherently matched. Numerology / alphabet systems One ring found in one of the wheel systems combines Western Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology,, Gematria, and Notarikon [ a form of divination from Hebrew words.]. The Astral Labs merge the Astrological Aspects with the Hexagrams of the I Ching. The Hexgrams are also placed into 12 bundles of five, represented by the five pointed pentacle.
**** A detailed description for each of the wheel systems is coming soon. Prices have not yet been set.






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