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I was born in the early hours of July 17, 1969. My Astrology chart says that I was born under two moons. One ascending, one descending. One is water, one is fire. The combination of fire and water has resulted in a haunted life of conflict, and difficulty. I lived my life behind a self exiled wall, a real life Hermetic Seal. Sealing myself away from order to spend my life in study and practise most things occult.

The following podcast below is an excerpt of the nation wide live radio interview of me, by famed paranormal expert Jeff Richards, of Jeff Richards Paranormal Radio.

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The Psi-Pantheon Arcana is my Magnum Opus, a product of 30 years of trance channeling. It is my Philosopher's Stone, and my Absolute. The visions and channellings involved in creating this body of work were powerful, and often blinding. Seriously disrupting my day to day life. The techniques I used range from crystal skying,high magic,and deep level astral projection-meditation.
All the material on my website is channeled. It is therefore subject to my bias, and subconscious mind. With these possible human errors intact, I must state that all the work found on this website should be regarded as imagination, hypothesis, theory and pseudo-science, unless proven to ones self otherwise. Take what you want, and leave the rest. Please note that I have no academic training, or degrees. I am not a doctor, or a scientist. The work on this website is of my own personal opinion, and does not reflect any academic basis what so ever.

Also, note that in some of the channellings contained within The Psi-Pantheon Arcana makes reference to 'Blood,' referring Astral Energy, Astral Paste,and Spiritual Quintessence. It should be regarded as a term of universal logo, or icon. This alchemical essence can only be reached by unconditional Love.

Today I am world wide published. My Oracles are being sold in many countries, and hundreds of websites the world over. I have created a School of Occultism with many volumes of material to share. All of this however, came at a heavy price. A price of near insanity. As this brief summery of my life will show.
Thank you sincerely. Please enjoy.


It was the walls that I built up around myself that cornered me into a lifetime of study, and practice of most kinds of the esoteric. Walls I built on fantasy, fear and the paranormal. Walls against all the constant bullying I endured from Elementary School, High School, and from my brother and stepfather. Walls I built to protect myself against all the lonely nights I spent in two very haunted houses.

At age 11, at Ave L. South I awoke in the middle of the night to look back, and to see my body sleeping in my bed. I then looked at the window of my bedroom and saw a multitude of lights moving like a prism. So I turned to my bedroom open doorway, walked up the basement stairs and through the side door. Since I had devoted my life to study of all things UFO,s ghosts, and the Afterlife

Thirty five years of bullying from school and family, family alcoholism, and violence thrust me into a lifetime study, and practice of many forms of the esoteric.

From my earliest elementary school memory I was fascinated by UFO’s, ghosts, and astronomy, the vastness of the universe, the Solar System, mysteries of the Lock Ness Monster, Bigfoot, The rest of my life world be an expansion of the fascination with the paranormal; studying everything from The Bermuda Triangle, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Channeling, human and planetary energy systems, and Aliens.

I would end up spending my teenage years reading every book on the supernatural. Before high school, I was already beginning to channel spirits. I would join the local Metaphysical Centre, a social club for people interested in spiritualism. Throughout the later eighties and all through the 90’s I continued my research into the supernatural, with a very lengthy Hermitage into Alchemy, and various forms of Magick. For many years the self-secluded Psychomantium [spirit room] became my favorite place to hide from the world.

In the late nineties things began to change for the positive. The Light was moving in. I began to go to Light Worker groups, Edgar Cayce study groups, as well. It was this sudden increased social activity that allowed the Higher Spirits to enter my life. I began getting numerous, blinding visions of such things as to how the universe was constructed. These visions were at their most intense during the 1990’s, but would continue spontaneously throughout the rest of my life.

The 90’s brought two incredible people into my life, Allan M., and Carol W. Through the years to follow I would take my personal inventories and share them with God and other human beings. I practiced giving my positive energies, and prayers to the healing of the planet.

Me, and Carol W. would have a close encounter with a real life UFO. It was in September of 1995. We were watching the meteor shower in the outskirts of the city. Suddenly a dark, triangular craft hovered slowly, silently over the highway about a hundred feet from us. As the large craft moved toward a highway with no passing cars, we both felt a strong jolt of healing love, like a blast or beam of energy moving from the top of our heads, down to the bottom of our spines. It felt as if we had been scanned.

From 1988 to 2000 I was very busy writing and drawing down all the visions I was receiving. In 1998 I took the suitcase full of papers and decided to try putting them all together. I asked spsirt what I was supposed to do. A website was the answer. The Psi-Pantehon Arcana was born. In very early 2002, I went to a website designer and had him put up my first website.

In 2014 I began taking on intensive Reiki, and Shamanic, at home learning courses. In the following years I would take several dozen intensive home studies.

The website has undergone numerous changes over the years, and I had now amassed thousands of dream journals, and several hundred successful, well documented premonitions. I became a worldwide published author in 2014 through an established publishing house.
Today I have added to my portfolio of life, 44 Amazon Kindle published books, and over 900 self made illustrations, and diagrams for my Mystery School. I’ve been on local television twice, for interviews, and on international radio. The journey continues.

© Lucier Ancient Mystery School


© Lucier Ancient Mystery School