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I was born in the early hours of July 17, 1969. My Astrology chart says that I was born under two moons. One ascending, one descending. One is water, one is fire. The combination of fire and water has resulted in a haunted life of conflict, and difficulty. I lived my life behind a self exiled wall, a real life Hermetic Seal. Sealing myself away from order to spend my life in study and practise most things occult.

The following podcast below is an excerpt of the nation wide live radio interview of me, by famed paranormal expert Jeff Richards, of Jeff Richards Paranormal Radio.

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The Psi-Pantheon Arcana is my Magnum Opus, a product of 30 years of trance channeling. It is my Philosopher's Stone, and my Absolute. The visions and channellings involved in creating this body of work were powerful, and often blinding. Seriously disrupting my day to day life. The techniques I used range from crystal skying,high magic,and deep level astral projection-meditation.
All the material on my website is channeled. It is therefore subject to my bias, and subconscious mind. With these possible human errors intact, I must state that all the work found on this website should be regarded as imagination, hypothesis, theory and pseudo-science, unless proven to ones self otherwise. Take what you want, and leave the rest. Please note that I have no academic training, or degrees. I am not a doctor, or a scientist. The work on this website is of my own personal opinion, and does not reflect any academic basis what so ever.

Also, note that in some of the channellings contained within The Psi-Pantheon Arcana makes reference to 'Blood,' referring Astral Energy, Astral Paste,and Spiritual Quintessence. It should be regarded as a term of universal logo, or icon. This alchemical essence can only be reached by unconditional Love.

Today I am world wide published. My Oracles are being sold in many countries, and hundreds of websites the world over. I have created a School of Occultism with many volumes of material to share. All of this however, came at a heavy price. A price of near insanity. As this brief summery of my life will show.
Thank you sincerely. Please enjoy.


Fire and water, that sums up a lot of my life. An early life that is in many respects reflected in Pink Floyd's The Wall.
A wall I built on fantasy, fear and the paranormal. A wall I built against all the constant bullying of my brother and stepfather. A wall I built to protect myself against all the lonely nights I spent in two very haunted houses.

I suppose the haunted houses were to be expected since I spent the first two years of life living across the street from the cities largest, haunted cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery. This house which was said to have strange electrical problems, was at 1818 2nd Ave North. At age 3 we moved into the haunted house of 1135 Ave L. South. Here I would twice come face to face with my own ghost. Once when I was about 9 years old I walked out of my house to go to the store. As I got to the sidewalk, a car pulled up. No ordinary car, but a replica of the one we used to own before my father bought a camper van. As I walked past the vehicle I looked in the back seat to see a kid who looked exactly like me. We looked at each other with deep confusion as I continued on my way. I don't remember ever reaching the corner store, but for the rest of life I would spend a lot of time exploring the possibility of parallel worlds, and quantum theory.

At age 11, at Ave L. South I awoke in the middle of the night to look back, and to see my body sleeping in my bed. I then looked at the window of my bedroom and saw a multitude of lights moving like a prism. So I turned to my bedroom open doorway, walked up the basement stairs and through the side door. The last I remember is moving toward a bright light in the backyard. The next morning I discovered two small holes in my torso. They looked as if they had been surgically removed. Holes that measured about half an inch in diameter, square cut. I still have the scares to prove this.

Regardless of these early paranormal experiences my dysfunctional family drove me into a self-imposed exile. Thirty five years of bullying from school and family, alcoholism, and violence thrust me into an unhealthy fantasy world; a lifetime study, and experience of the Paranormal, and 15 years practice of the dark arts.

From my earliest elementary school memory I was fascinated by UFOs, ghosts, and astronomy, the vastness of the universe, the Solar System, mysteries of the Lock Ness Monster, Bigfoot, The Bermuda Triangle, and yes, Aliens. These fascinations followed me on my extensive travels with through the Rocky Mountains. Traveling with my father who was a long distance truck driver on school holidays. He is my biggest inspiration to this day, having spent many hours listening to my obsessive talk on all things paranormal.

Up to age 10 life was good. I traveled a lot with my family through the Rockies, extensively traveling from Alaska to Seattle first with my family, then with my father. I was constantly asking my father questions as we drove along the towering Mountains, and valley's.
I loved my fathers attentive ear, his patience, trying to answer all my questions, listening to my endless rants about the coming computer age, about the Omni Books I was reading; Omni's Book of Robotics and Computers. We talked endlessly about the future prospects of the computer age, all the possibilities that Omni Magazine envisioned. In 1984 and '85 in High School I would again drive my teachers crazy with endless talk of the computer age. Now, this foreseen world of digital enterprise is everywhere.

All this while our semi-truck passed through numerous mountain tunnels, and dark grain elevators. It was to my imagination, as if we were passing through sacred gates of the bright, yellow prairies. While riding with my father I remember asking him if he could see the bright, pulsating aura along the earths horizon. I could see it so clearly, waves of energy jumping up and down. I don't know if my father really could see the rim of fire at the horizon's edge, or if he was just pretending.

It wasn't until I was about twenty when my parents told me that both the houses I had lived in from age 2 to 13, both 1135 Ave L. South, and the house on Ave N. South were both haunted. That would explain my messy rooms, my toys scattered everywhere, footsteps on the basement stairs, our dog's weird behaviors, and the kitchen sinks turning on and off by themselves. It would also explain the sudden glimpse of a tall, dark shadow standing at the door of my bedroom on one dark, stormy night. And the time I was sleeping when I was jolted awake by the fear that my bed had suddenly collapsed. I wasn't asleep when this happened, so I got up and inspected the legs. Nothing was wrong with the bed, yet it felt as if someone had picked it up, and dropped it.

I would spend many long, lonely nights in those haunted houses with my family now severely dysfunctional. In 2009, me and my friends, Wes and Stacy went to explore our old neighborhood. And from the neighbors of our old houses, we discovered that my house on Ave L. South had become an urban legend. It remained very haunted after we had left, according to the neighbors testimonies. Families left the house as soon as they had moved in. A body in a plastic bag was said to have been discovered during renovation of the 1135 house basement. The wall of the basement where my bedroom was. To this day I have nightmares of ghosts coming and going from that now demolished place.

All this brought new light upon all the many ghostly stories we experienced as kids.

In later years I grew deeper into my fantasy world. Becoming ever more dark, I learned to find comfort, security and safety in the world of the paranormal. The holy Flames of the Spirit I had worshiped as an altar boy for four years only deepened my curiosity of the unseen, further fueling my needs to escape reality.

I would end up spending my teenage years reading every book on the supernatural. I began to fully embrace the New Age of the early eighties. Hours a day spent alone reading every “Channeled” book available. Before high school, I was already beginning to channel spirits. I did Tarot Card readings for my mom. I would later join the local Metaphysical Centre, a social club for people interested in spiritualism.

Then I began Riverview High School where I would meet Anthony Dunmore, my best friend with whom I would have many very active, poltergeist experiences. In, and around a tent we had set up in his basement we experienced boxes, and chairs silently flying by themselves. A stereo unplugged and with no batteries turn itself on and off. Icy cold winds blow through every cell of our bodies. The tent would often shake violently as the sound of hooves walking on cement surrounded us. Through all this we were in darkness, protected only by a thin veil of plastic. A plate on which we were eating from was grabbed from our hands and thrust at lightning speed into a corner without so much as a chip.

We had both experienced two full years of extensive poltergeist activity with my friend Anthony, who would later move out of province. It was a time of endings, and new beginnings.

Throughout the later eighties and all through the 90's I continued my research into the Occult with a very lengthy Hermitage into Alchemy, and various forms of Magick. For many years the self-secluded Psychomantium [spirit room] became my favorite place to hide from the world. Many years of practicing the dark arts had taken its toll. I had no life. No life at all. While my family around me moved on to having large, successful families and houses, I secluded myself in darkness. Life passed me by. I had nothing to offer to any future relationship, so I never bothered to let any potential love into my life. And at the age of 45 I am now pained to see how much of my life I had missed.

In the late nineties things began to change, the Light was moving in. I began to go to Light Worker groups as I began working more and more at a local Grocery Store. It was this sudden increased social activity that allowed the Higher Spirits to enter my life. I began getting numerous, blinding visions of such things as to how the universe was constructed.

For the 90s brought two incredible people into my life, Allan Mason, and Carol Jewel. Through the years to follow I would take my personal inventories and share them with God and other human beings. The dark arts I was following became fewer and further between, the isolation and fear was ending. Since then I have practiced giving my positive energies, and prayers to the healing of the planet.

Me, and Carol Jewel would have a close encounter with a real life UFO. It was in September of 1995. We were watching the meteor shower in the outskirts of the city. Suddenly a dark, triangular craft hovered slowly, silently over the highway about a hundred feet from us. As the large craft moved toward a highway with no passing cars, we both felt a strong jolt of healing love, like a blast or beam of energy moving from the top of our heads, down to the bottom of our spines. It felt as if we had been scanned.

From 1988 to 2000 I was very busy writing and drawing down all the visions I was receiving. In 1998 I took the suitcase full of papers and decided to try putting them all together. The Psi-Pantheon Arcana was born. In very early 2002, I went to a website designer and had him put up my first website. In 2014, this brand new website was created. The channeling continues.

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© Lucier Ancient Mystery School