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Psychic services provided

  1. Egyptian Hieroglyphic Inner Alchemy: How To Intuitive Telepathy, and Inner Alchemic Astral Projection Course
  2. Extensive SHAMANIC Oracle / Diagram Life Chart Reading. [ Involves charting your future life’s path using several interconnected divination diagrams.....
  3. Extensive Space Clearings [ To banish evil, and / or negative spirits.]
  4. How to Build a Spirit Room, or Psychomantium. [ Learn to create for yourself a 24/7 instant Spirit communication space anywhere in your home or business.]
  5. Channeling session. { Channeling the Ascended Masters, Angels, Gods and Goddesses of various pantheons
  6. Nature Spirits and Deities.]. Sorry I do not channel deceased loved ones.
  7. High Magick Spell Casting : For a fee I will cast a love spell, or healing spell for you. Sorry, all I can share with you on this is that the ceremony of the spell is committed in a High Magick Ritual. I must keep my secrets.
  8. Extensive Numerology Report. Note: This report is completed in in seclusion, meaning the inquirer is not present..] Includes. *The Seven Tables of Fate: [ Seven plates each designed with seven sets of magic squares, and magic numbers. A pendulum points to the number representing your questions.]. Includes Dice, and Dominos.
  1. Receive a I CHING reading
  2. Runes reading / with fairie oracle.
  3. Rider tarot reading.
  4. Brief greek astrology reading.
  5. Brief chinese astrology reading.
  6. Brief Kabbalah- Astrology Reading.



Receive a collective Reading of these Oracles, ALL IN ONE:
I Ching, Runes, Rider Tarot, Greek Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Native Astrology, Numerology, Geomancy., Kabbalah, Egyptian Oracle, Domino's, Angelic Reading.

The Oracles of Fate - The Wheels of Creation: The Oracle wheels are 16 to 18 inches wide. You will receive several Oracle readings from several Oracle designs all in one session.







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