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The following is an abridged list of the hundreds of books I have read and studied more than once. Out of the hundreds of books I could I listed, these are the most inspiring, and most worthy of reading more than once.
The following list highly inspired by 35 years of Channeling, and the creation of both The Psi-Pantehon Arcana, and the Lucier Ancient Mystery School.

ALL of the Channeled Books by..... Seth, Ramtha, and Edgar Cayce.
ALL of the Books by.... Erich Von Daniken, Zecharia Stitchin. and W. Raymond Drake.
OMNI: Book of Computers. **OMNI: Book of Robotics.
The Secret Life of Plants: by Christopher Bird, and Peter Tompkins.
Angel Magic: The Angel Summoner: by Geoffrey James.
The Secret Source:: The Law of Attraction is only one of the Seven Laws, Here are the Other Six.
The Science of Mind: Collective Writings of Ernest Holmes:
Hands of Light: by Barbara Ann Brenann.
How To See and Read the Aura: by Ted Andrews.
The Power of Color, Stones and Crystals: by Edger Cayce.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Innersource: Channeling Your Unlimited Self: by Kathleen Vande Kieft.
Ancient Teachings: by Doug Delong.
Reiki 1, 2, and 3, Manuals - ReikiInfiniteHealer Kit.
Magick of Reiki: by Christopher Penczak..
Sacred Science of Numbers: by Corinne Heline.
The Dream Workbook: by Jill Morris.
Focus on Crystals : by Edmond Harold.
The Dancing Wu Li Masters: by Gary Zukav.
Space, Time and Beyond: by Bob Toberand, Fred Alan Wolf.
The Tao of Physics: by Fritof Capra.
The Cosmic Code: by Heinz Pagels.
Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Mind and Matter: by David Peat.
The Holographic Universe : by David Peat.
Perfect Symmetry: by Heinz Pagals.
Stalking the Wild Pendulum: by Itzhak Bentov.
A Brief History of Time: by Steven Hawking.
The Mysteries of Mithras: by Payam Nabarz.
The Golden Bough: The Illustrated Golden Bough. by Sir James Frazer.
The History of Magic by Eliphas Levi.
The Royal Secret: by I. Edward Clark.
The Tree of Life: by Roger Cook.
Magick in Theory and Practise: by Aliester Crowley.
The Secret Art of Alchemy: by Stanislas Klossowski De Rola.
A Dictionary of Angels: by Gustav Davidson.
Native American Astrology: by Winfried Noe.
The Magic of Thelema: by Lon Milo Duquette.
Northern Mysteries and Magick: by Freya Aswynn.
Harmonizing Yin and Yang: Dragon/Tiger Classic: by Eva Wong.
Zohar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge.
Genesis: The First Book of Revelations: by David Wood.
Goddess and the Tree: by Ellen Cannon Reed.
Positive Magic: by Marion Weinstein.
The Oracle of the Illuminati: by William Henry.
Walking With the Green Man: by Dr. Bob Curron.
The Magical Practise of Talisman : by Robin Skelton.
Commentaries on the Occult Philosophy of Agrippa: by Willy Schrodter.
Creative Mythology: Masks of God book series: by Joseph Campbell.
The Power of Myth: by Joseph Campbell.
Oriental Mythology: by Joseph Campbell.
Brave New World: by A. Huxley.
Brave New World Revisited: by A. Huxley.
The Archaic Revival: by Terrence McKenna.
Supernatural: by Graham Hancock.
The Keys to Solomon’s Keys: by Lon Milo Duqutte.
Stone and the Elixir, Holy Blood/Holy Grail: by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh.
The Middle Pillar: by Sandra, and Chic Cicero.
Nanotechnology for Dummies.
Chakras for Dummies.
Voodoo For Dummies.
Wicca For Dummies.
Witchcraft for Dummies.
Kabbalah for Dummies.
Fuzzy Thinking: by Bart Kosko.
Self-Initiation In to the Golden Dawn Tradition: by Chic and Sandra Cicero.
Living the Tarot: by Amber Jayanti.
WeaveWorld: by Clive Barker. [Fiction. Teaches the Consciousness of Weaving.]
Messages from Michael / More Messages from Michael: by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
The Golden Builders:: by Tobias Churton.
Man, Myth and Magic Encyclopedia:
The Rosicrucian Notebook: by Willy Schrodter.
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment: by Francis Yeats:
The Shadow of Solomon: by Laurence Gardner.
Genesis of the Grail Kings: by Laurence Gardner.
Talisman: by Graham Hancock.
The Book of Enoch: or Book of Metatron.
From Eden to Exile: The Lost Testament: by David Rohl.
Revelations, The Divine Fire, Star People series by Brad Steiger.
I Ching : Book of Changes: [Various Books of]
The Tree of Life: by Roger Cook.
The Power of Chi: by Michael Page.
The Tao I Ching: by Lao Tze.
Divine Horsemen: by Maya Deren.
Book of Shadows: by Phyllis Curott.
Uriel’s Mchine, The Hiram Key, The Book of Hiram: by Christopher Knight, and Robert Lomas.
The Pagan Christ: by Tom Harper.
The Queen Conjuror: by Benjamin Woodley.
Going Within : by Shirley Maclaine.
The Hermetica [ Original Classic] by Brian Coperhaver.
The Hermetica: by by Timothy Freke, and Peter Gandy.
The World Atlas of Divination: Editor: John Matthwes.
Qabalah: A Magical Primar: by John Bonner.
The Silva Mind Control Method: by Jose Silva.
The Ra Material: by Don Elkins.
From the Ashes of Angels: by Andrew Collins.
Selected Chapters of the Following.... Bible, Torah, The Rig Veda, The Upanishads, Epic of Gilgamesh.
The Key To It All: An Encyclopedia Guide to the Sacred Languages and Mystical .. ( I studied this book in 2011.)
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch..... ( I studied this book in early 1980’s.)
Spiritual Teachings of The Avatar.
The Bhagavad Gita [ Translation Version.}.
Time Life Enchanted World Encyclopedia.
Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity.
The Power of Kabbalah.
The Weiser Guide To Cryptozoology.
Inanna by Kim Echlin.
A New Earth...Eckhart Tolle.
The Fifth Element: A Practical Guide To Self Mastery.



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