Lucier Ancient Mystery School

The Lucier Ancient Mystery School



900 Channeled Illustrations, and Diagrams. Some of what you will learn from my School. You can create for yourself hundreds of thousands of Grand Unifying Field Theories of Everything. Simply by superimposing, overlapping, and exchanging the codes, and logos found on the illustrations  

The Lucier Ancient Mystery School is the result of Trance Channeling the world's most powerful Spirit Entities over 35 years. Over the years I spent over 10,000 hours of Trance Channeling, communicating with the various Spirit worlds. The majority of the work was conducted in isolation using a specially designed Spirit Room, or Psychomantium.

Over the many years I had Trance Channeled several hundred pages of written material, and drawn out over 800 detailed illustrations, and diagrams. The vast number of well made illustrations, or templates explain to the reader the other wise, near incomprehensible concepts of the extensive writings....The diagrams and templates are detailed Astral Schematics. I have published most of my Channeled books on Amazon Kindle, but without the hundreds of illustrations needed to understand their numerous revelations.

The School is made up of hundreds of Grand Unified Field Theories. [[ The term is borrowed from Quantum Physics. These theories bind all behaviors, and phenomena of the paranormal and occult worlds into a single understanding that unities all possible expressions of the topic(s). Many of these combined Unified Filed Theories include physics, quantum mechanics, quantum theory,Kabbalah, Qabalah, Cabalah, REIKI philosophies, Taoism, Hinduism, various Western Esoteric Traditions, basic global sociology, basic astrology, basic astronomy, numerology, sacred geometry, as a few examples. All of these primary basics of these topics can, and will be be taught you as needed.

My School teaches you libraries worth of Mysticism, Occultism, and the Paranormal. My School, and the thousands of pages of materials are not found in any library, bookstore, or on the internet. Upon enrollment of the School please prepare to dedicate yourself to at least 90 to 100 hours depending on where you are in your knowledge of paranormal, and occult topics.




For your convenience the Courses have been broken up into 12 Classes. $240.00 a Class.
The Crystallomancy Course is in book format only, and would cost $75.00.


Extensive Lifetime Psychic-Clairvoyant Development Program, included free of charge with full enrollment of all Courses and Classes
Mystery School Enrollment $3,000
( Installment Payments excepted)

VALUE OF COMBINED TEACHINGS is over $20,000, when compared to the combined classes and courses of other Schools.


  1. Lifetime Email Support
  2. Certificate of School Completion.
  3. Teachers Guide Book.
  4. All 41 of my Amazon Kindle published books with 900 Illustrations and diagrams not found in the Amazon Kindle Library.
  5. The full enrollment includes Vesta Healing Initiations course, and Extensive Psychic Clairvoyant Training Program.
  6. Duration of Courses depending on where the student is in regards to paranormal studies will vary from 20 to 28 days.

You can also purchase the classes one at a time.


  1. Introduction to the Templates of the Cosmic Gaia Vortex: Structure of the Invisible Universe.
  2. The Study of the Two, yes TWO Space / Time Curvatures of the Universe.
  3. The Seven Laws of Attraction, The Emerald Tablet within the Cosmic Gaia Vortex.
  4. Study of Spatial Creation Graphs: Spatial Genesis.
  5. Spatial Creation Vortex: Para-Portals, Vacuum Nodules, The Plenum Void, and Torsion Fields.
  6. Absolute Non-Motion, and the Grand Unified Field Theory of the Black Hole Singularity.
  7. The Mechanics of what Mass and Energy is, and How it was created.
  8. The Essence of Illusion: Creation of the Impossible, Vacuum Filaments,
  9. Unified Theory of Quantum Interconnectedness., Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes, Superstrings,,and Dark Matter.
  10. The Divine Polarity of Light: The Study of the Two Space / Time Curvatures Throughout the Human Biology. - The Spider Sutra: The Big "Braid" Bang Theory, The Embroidery Universe.
  11. The Psychology, and Sociology of the Spider / Hive / Nest: The Unified Field Theory of Human Development.
  12. The Super Mind, or ALL-MIND of the Collective Unconscious, Subconscious, and Consciousness.



  1. The Sefiroth, Tree of Life, and the Nature of Good and Evil.
  2. COSMO-GENESIS: The Fully Illustrated Teachings of "The Stanza's of Dzyan," from thebook "The Secret Doctrine" by Madame Helena Blavatsky.
  3. In this study you learn the 53 parts of the Cosmo-Genesis. Over 25 Templates [ Illustration-Diagrams.], that have intricately, superimposed all the 53 sections of the Cosmo-Genesis into an easy to comprehend formula.




  1. All topics are presented as a unified , and coherent revelation of mystical Symbolism. All topics are integrated with all the Classes. The topics of this course are......
  2. The Cosmic Egg, the Omphalos of Delphi,and the meanings of The World Tree.
  3. The Caduceus, Tiamet, and Kundalini.
  4. The Dodecahedron, and the Fire In the Middle:: Secrets of the Ever-Burning Flame.
  5. Amon Ra, Apollo, The Third Eye, and the Sun Disk.
  6. Asclepius and Ophiuchus: The Magic Wand.
  7. The Monad Four-Cosmic Egg Ladder, and the Unified Theory of World Mythological Mystery.
  8. Powers of the Seven Rays in Man, and the Universe; The Secrets of Ananta, and Shesha.
  9. Revelations of the Half Animal- Half Human Mythology; Returns to Caduceus.
  10. Kundalini and the Sun Disk.
  11. The Vegetation - Resurrection Gods Mythology; Returns to the Cosmic Egg.





  1. The Mysteries of the Goddesses Artemis, Hecate, Psyche, Cybele-Agdistis, Minerva, Eos, Aurora, Ostara, Astarte, Isis, Persephone, Aphrodite, The Virgin Sarah, The Virgin Mary, Asherah, Skakti, Shekinah, Geometry of the Vesica Pisces, Tara, Kwan Yin, Kali,and the Mysteries of the Trimurti Birth cycles of the Yoni.
  2. Revelations of the Androgynous Gods / Goddesses.
  3. Alchemical processes of the Plenum Void, and The Philosopher’s Stone.
  4. The Greek Gods / Goddesses of the Orphic Hymns.
  5. The Revelations of the Orphic Hymns




  1. This study includes many topics into one single, grand unified theory. You will learn how all the following topics are interconnected to ancient Jewish Mysticism. Once learned, you will be able to incorporate many aspects of esoteric philosophy, and modern science into a single cohesive knowing of how the universe works.
  2. The Kabbalah, Qabalah, Cabalah, The Sefiroth Tree of Life, and the collective Oneness of Geometry, Sacred Geometry, The Hologram, The Higgs / Boson Field, The XYZ Coordinate Plane, The Golden Ratio, The Hypotenuse, High Magick Talisman Squares, the 128 Trigrams of the I Ching, Human DNA replication, and the Special Theory of Relativity.
  3. I demonstrate all these as intricately interwoven with the Sefiroth, and Cabalah.
  4. This study includes a guided, creative visualization, initiation of the individual, their Chakras and Auras into the Universal Merkabah (Divine Essence of the Names of the Holy Elohim. The omnipresence of Oneness with the Spirit of the Kabbalah.).
  5. Also included is the introduction to a Qabalah DNA spiral, perpetual motion machine.
  6. The Qabalah and the Creation of the Platonic Solids, The Seed of Life, The Fruit of Life, The Flower of Life, and Metatrons Cube.
  7. The Qabalah and the Pythagoras Tetrycs, and Gemantria.
  8. The Four, and the Six Veils of Nothingness, and the Orphic Fields of Rupert Sheldrake.
  9. This course also includes the illustrated presentation of how God combined, weighed, exchanged the Numbers, 22 Letters, Sounds. As stated from The Book of Formation.




The Metaphysics Of Advanced Evolution LEVEL 1
You will also learn the following Logos:

  1. Codex of the Primordial Waters.
  2. The Sacred Gnosis of the Christos Logos.
  3. Secrets of the Gnostic Pistia Sophia.
  4. The Green Blood of the Golden Sun.
  5. The Dancing Bones of Serpents [Origins of the Occult Animal Kingdom.]
  6. The DNA of Dark Matter; The Consciousness of Super Strings.
  7. Logos of the Green Blood and the Virgin Births of the Ouroborus.
  8. Codex of The Word of God That Made Flesh.
  9. The Extraterrestrial Nature of Human Creation.
  10. DNA of the Infinitesimal; The Making of Human Memories and Consciousness
  11. Creation of the Impossible; Spatial Intelligence; Tao Formation Fields.
  12. Total Atomic Intelligence; Intelligent Mutual Interest Evolution; Polar Dualities of Infinity; Tao Filaments.
  13. The Astral-Aura Super Field: Infinite and Infinitesimal Bio-Rhythms.
  14. Logos of the Shining Ones; The Five Great Root Races of Mankind.
  15. Logos of the Light Illuminati and the Elohim.
  16. Mechanics of the Uncertainty [Principle] Spring; Kundalini and the Chnoubis Collectivity.
  17. The Metaphysics of Advanced Evolution LEVEL 2
    Receive 14 extensive, separate, but uniquely integrated guided meditation INITIATIONS into the Occult powers of the mystical numbers zero-cipher to 13. You will receive the occult meanings of each number, and experience a sympathetic assimilation into the numbers 0 to 13.








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